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International Congress Cardiostim celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018. “Cardiostim played a main part in our professional community formation”, said its President, RAS Academician, Professor A.Sh.Revishvili, “the graduates of different institutions felt as a family here. We had never had events of such magnitude before. There had been cardiological congresses, cardiosurgical congresses. Arrhythmology occupied a very minor part there. Here it became major! That means that, in terms of science, Cardiostim is alma mater of arrhythmology in Russia”. More than 1700 specialists from 23 countries and 185 cities took part in Cardiostim in 2018. Scientific sessions were being held in 18 halls of Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya Hotel at the same time during the Congress. Within three days 368 lectures and presentations were given on the whole range of modern arrhythmology issues. The Congress has traditionally brought together allied professionals such as cardiologists, arrhythmologists, cardiosurgeons, specialists on x-ray endovascular diagnostics and treatment, functional diagnosticians, emergency physicians, medical devices development engineers. There was also a meeting of nurses this time. Anniversary Congress was supported by 38 partner companies provided modern high-quality medical equipment and pharmacological products. The XIV International Congress on heart stimulation and clinical electrophysiology Cardiostim-2020 will be held on February 27-29, 2020 in St.Petersburg. In parallel there will be a XVI all-Russian conference on electrical stimulation and electrophysiology of heart, XIV all-Russian Symposium "Diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias and cardiac conduction in children», XII International Symposium "electronics in medicine. Monitoring, diagnosis, therapy", VII all-Russian Symposium on the diagnosis and treatment of dysplastic heart. The Congress copresidents will be RAS Academician, Professor, President of VNOA Amiran Shotaevich Revishvili (Moscow) and RAS Academician, Professor Sergey Fedorovich Bagnenko (St. Petersburg), co-chairmen of scientific organizational committee: RAS Associate member, professor Boytsov Sergey Anatolievich, Peter` s Academy of Sciences and Arts Academician, Vice-President of VNOA, Professor Dmitry Fedorovich Yegorov (St. Petersburg), RAS Academician, Professor, Vice- President of VNOA Sergey Valentinovich Popov (Tomsk). Cardiostim is a flexible, constantly improving structure, which supports the spirit of friendship, fraternity, understanding, open discussion, professional aspirations and young generation specialists. What the Congress will become this time depends on each of its participants. Scientific organizational committee is open to suggestions on the agenda and is ready to coordinate any personal or collective ideas to improve the quality and relevance of the program being formed.

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